Who Is The Mayor of Newark, NJ?

One of the keys to organization in my kindergarten classroom is getting rid of things that I don’t need. But there is one chart that I just cannot throw away. I wrote it during a lesson 2 years back about “Our Community.” The question I asked my 5-6 year olds to begin the lesson was, “Who is the mayor of Newark?” Here are the answers: Martin Luther King, Obama, Jesus, God, The President, Abraham Lincoln. (The real answer was Cory Booker. )



About kindergarteninterlude

I am the mom of two teenage boys and I am a kindergarten teacher. In my classroom, I have heard many nuggets of wisdom and beauty from my 5 and 6 year olds. They have also had me laughing out loud with things they say and do. They are intelligent, creative, honest, kind, compassionate, funny and profound. My students amaze me every day! On this blog, I'll share some of the things they say and do. You'll be amazed, too!
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